Алебастр: вид материалов

Алебастр: вид материалов

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Алебастр: вид материалов


ScaglioneThe “scaglione” is the most famous white alabaster, more or less transparent depending on where it’s found. It’s found in blocks that varies from 20-30 kg. to 1000kg. Also blocks of 2500 kg. have been found, but the procedures of mining risk to compromise the compactness of the stone.


AgataThe agate is the most precious alabaster, the most rare the hardest and therefor also the most difficult to carve. The yellow colour varies from very pale tonalities to a dark brown colour. The maximum of the blocks doesn’t exceed in weight 300 or 400 kg.


BardiglioThe “bardiglio” is found with a number of different tonalities, veinings and colourings. The most common is grey, beige or orange-coloured and it has a marbled look. The weight of the blocks varies between 15 and 300 kg.


CinerinoThe “cinerino” is a grey stone with a colour similar to clay. It’s always opaque and the blocks doesn’t exceed in weight 150 kg.


GabbroThe “gabbro” is an intensely marbled alabaster with dark colours as brown, black or red. The weight of the blocks varies from 20 to 500 kg.

Pietra Gialla

Pietra GiallaThe yellow stone is a luminous alabaster with a more or less intense colour, sometimes almost white. Unfortunately, at present is it very difficult to find. The alabaster blocks have a weight that varies from 20 to 400 kg.

Pietra a marmo

Pietra a marmoThe name derives from the great resemblanc to the white marble. It’s found in blocks that varies from 30 to 1000 kg. Egg-shaped and with a milky white colour with or whitout veins. Being an alabster found in the superficial layer of the ground, it’s the most economic to quarry.

Bianco trasparente

Bianco trasparenteIt’s a kind of alabaster found in open quarries. It’s transparency varies from glas trasparence to opaline transparence, with or without veins. Depending on where it’s quarried it may have more or less evident black, grey or brown veins. Due to it’s transperency it’s mostly used for lightning.

Alabastro colorato

Alabastro coloratoThe alabaster, being a crystallized gypsum and therefor very porous, can easilly be dyed. The alabaster item to colour is put into a colour-bath for a fixed time depending on which intensity we want of the colour, and this method is used on both transparent and opaque alabaster.

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